Roller coaster week

So this week started out on a high note, with the job offer and ended on a somewhat sour one.
Week started with ‘I got the job’, then went to, had a biopsy on a funny lookin cyst,
stressed until results of biopsy came back good, tried to do some research for upcoming job on Monday, got a migraine, once pain from biopsy left, my sinus infection flared back up, I’ve been a melancholy lump for days now, and today I found out my car needs a pretty major repair.

I need to raid my closet tomorrow and make sure I have clothes for the job and go shopping for what I need.

I wish I liked shopping, maybe it would make me feel better. I’m dreading it though, and am now nervous about starting work Monday.


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Yay Me!!

So I had 2 interviews with the same company last week, and a meeting today to affirm that I in fact will be working there. I will be starting next Monday on a part-time to start, then transitioning to full-time, in about a months time.

I am excited and a little nervous, as this job will be a departure from my most recent work history. I am actually going to be using mostly self taught skills and moving into a totally different career path than bookkeeping. I must say that I am so glad that I am trying something new now as my last few bookkeeper jobs have been through the recession and I am tired of a) forensic accounting, and b) trying to manage money that doesn’t exist..

If I never see another QuickBooks screen, it will be too soon..

Wish me luck!



Hello Stranger

So, I know I’ve been MIA for a while from my social media sites and blog. I have been going through some issues, mostly surrounding my job that have not allowed me the time or mood to write anything or reach out to my online community.

So here’s an update of what I’ve been up to:

I am happy to announce that I have left said job, which was literally sucking the life right out of me, without another job lined up, and have decided that while I do need another job to support my family, and have a possibility in the works for a position that will allow me to do something I enjoy while getting paid. I am also going to commit more time to getting some of my side projects more mainstream and getting a little healthier in the process.

As you all know, I have had a busy year of editing with Jessica Cage. She published 2 short stories and 3 full books, which I edited for her while working full-time. If you like paranormal stories, check her out.

I started making jewelry again as tReeVamped, LLC and have transferred all my inventory to my cousins’ new novelty shop in Connecticut. Look her up on Facebook if you are in the area, the store is really great!! Novel Ideas, LLC.

I have converted my sons’ room into my daughters’ room, since he moved out in July. This frees up a ton of space in my large bedroom, which can now be used for my fiance’s mini home music studio, (already set up) and my craft studio, (which I have yet to set up and organize)

I have also come up with a couple of ideas for android apps that I plan on learning how to make and try to sell. One is for personal use and the other is targeted toward businesses, so I potentially could make some $$ if the idea is received well..

On the healthy lifestyle I was working on in my previous posts, Step 1, Step 2, The Anti-Resoloution, and Step 3, I have slacked a bit and screwed myself up a little. I stopped taking all of my supplements that were helping keep my Lyme at bay because I couldn’t afford to buy them anymore, an infection that ‘woke up’ said Lyme, and the combination of sitting at a desk all day and eating junk food for lunch, I was a real mess physically and mentally.

I have since gotten back on my supplements and gotten a little more active while redecorating my daughters’ room. I have been to both of my Dr’s for checkups and the dentist. I am still using the natural deodorant and powder that I found to be the most effective, Primal Products are awesome! Definitely check them out if you are looking for natural products that work.

So depending on what happens with the interview that I had yesterday, I may be starting a new adventure for a job. There will be a big learning curve involved, as this job requires skills that have been secondary and self-taught up to this point.

I am looking forward to reaffirming my goals and starting fresh.




Ok I need to write this down because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately, my house is too small, I don’t make enough $, I need to drop a few pounds, etc.

My other half is always telling me to try to see where we are now from where we’ve come and be glad that I’ve made such progress.

I have a hard time seeing through the depressive fog to see that things are actually better than they were. I still have so far to go.

Yesterday while I was being pissy because instead of going to Pride in Asbury, I was home cleaning, I got a sharp reminder of how good my life is compared to others.

Without going into too much detail, I have a friend that is being treated poorly by her adult child that she lives with. I am grateful that I know that my kids would never treat me badly or make me live in unhealthy conditions.

I know another person that is in the same situation my parents were in when me and my ex lived with them. If this person was anything like my parents were, or I am now, the ‘kids wouldn’t be desperately trying to get the hell out of there. I am grateful that I am not the one they are trying to escape from.

So the bottom line is this; my house may be barely big enough for us, but my heart makes it 10 times bigger. I have taken in friends in need without a thought to how crowded it would be. If I had half the house this other person has, my door would always be open to family in need and I would feel lucky to have the extra time with them.

I need to remind myself more often how lucky I am.


Step 3

I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t really had a whole lot of time to check in.

I edited another book and my daughter is taking Taekwondo twice a week, gymnastics once a week and girl scouts, so I’ve been running her around a bit. All while working 9-5. Oh and we are also learning to knit and crochet.

So since my last post
the anti resolution, I have continued, albeit slowly, to get healthier. Homemade Deoderant still going, organic vitamins, probiotics and supplements, and I have been drinking the Apple cider vinegar tonic daily. I haven’t really exercised much. I tried planking in the mornings, once a day for like 3 days but then my daughter decided to be a problem getting up on time and there went that.

Thanks to the government forcing me to get health care, I finally went to the Dr after 3 years. He applauded my healthy choices and gave me a suggestion for the Deoderant once summer comes if it isn’t as effective.

I have also discovered Trader Joe’s grocery store. Their store brand products are non gmo and don’t contain any of the taboo ingredients that I’ve been trying to avoid, like the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated everything. The breakfast cereals are no more expensive than the name brands in the regular grocery store. I am going to try to shop there for as much stuff as I can. I am still planning on plantings, but the weather here has been so wonky lately, and my time limited, that I haven’t started yet.

I have replaced white sugar with the raw turbinado sugar as well and I’ve traded in McDonald’s lunch for a bowl of oatmeal most days. Sometimes I bring leftovers or a sandwich from home, and other times I breakdown and walk across the lot for McDonald’s.

The weather is starting to get better, fingers crossed that it stays, I will be trying to take a break during work to walk, even if it’s just around the outside of the building a couple times after lunch, it’s better than nothing. Maybe I can try getting in the planking habit at a different time of day.



I would really like to do this

I read this article the other day and it’s been on my mind ever since. I do try not to use paper towels very much, but I always have them on hand.

When I went to the store earlier today, I was thinking about it so I bought a few kitchen cleaning cloths. 

I think I’m going to start making a list like the article suggests and try to start gathering replacement cloth supplies.

Happy New Year!!