Coalition Of Enviro, Citizens And Political Groups Demand COREXIT Use Be Stopped (via Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference)



Ok, so I know I’m a little behind here, but I just watched Avatar the other night.

OMG!! What an incredible picture and what a story. I cried for like an hour and a half.

Someone else feels the same way I do about most of the human race. I could not help but think of Native Americans and the way they were treated when Europeans invaded them.

I am still recovering from watching it. I can’t really have a conversation about it or I will cry. It was so moving and relevant to our society and what we have been doing to the planet and other species for years in the name of GREED.

Just WOW, That’s all I can say.

I think everyone on the planet should see this movie with an open mind and WAKE UP!!


Left, Right and Evil Sheep

I might be opening a huge can of worms here, but I felt I needed to address this. Maybe I took it all too personally, I don’t know.

There are reasons that I have avoided politics and the mainstream media for most of my adult life. My motto used to be; “an uneducated vote is worse than no vote at all”. Some reasons;

1. Extreme right or left agendas. Which I am not a part of and will never be.

2. Not fully understanding what was at stake and how it affected me, my family or the future of the planet.

3. Being afraid to make the wrong choice at the polls due to lack of knowledge or opinion.

A few years ago I was influenced into registering to vote and paying more attention to what was going on in politics. It was explained to me that if I wanted the right to complain about anything political, I had to have a voice in the matter. I had to be educated on the subject and not just a bystander. I was told that I had the power to make real changes with my vote and my opinion. So I registered to vote and started paying attention.

Fast forward to yesterday. I read an article online about a ‘political figure’, term used loosely there, who I personally do not like for my own reasons.

So against my better judgment, I usually try not to incite political conversation on my Twitter, since I am a mostly peaceful online environmental activist.

I posted this reply; Yes plz shut up! RT @AlterNet Sarah Palin Digs Herself Deeper Into Hole — Even Conservatives Tell Her to “Stop Talking”:

Within a few minutes, someone I do not know and have now blocked, that I will refer to as ‘@user’ attacked my post saying , not exact quote, since it has been deleted by ‘@user’, that ‘maybe it was @AlterNet and I that should not speak, as a true conservative would never deny anyone freedom of speech’

Wasn’t my right to freedom of speech just attacked there?

My replies that followed were:

1. ‘@user’ I didn’t say she didn’t have the right to speak, just saying I’m tired of hearing her, and about her all the time.

After looking at ‘@user’ Twitter time line and discovering that ‘@user’ is obviously severely right-wing and thinks, direct quote; “I feel sorry for the Obamasheep who’ve been brainwashed into hating and bleating lies about S. Palin & everyone who has a brain to think.” and “Why haven’t I read any apologies to Sarah Palin from all those who blindly followed the liars on the left? How does it feel to be that evil?”

2. ‘@user” PS I am not a conservative and I have the right to speak my opinion just like you do, have a nice day 🙂

Then I blocked ‘@user’.

Obviously this person has not an open mind at all and will accept no opinion other ‘@users’ own and feels that anyone that doesn’t agree with ‘@user’ is an ‘evil sheep’.

I would rather be an ‘evil sheep’ than a clueless human. As I have stated in a previous post, there are a lot of Sheeple in this world, who follow politicians and ideals blindly because that’s what they think they should be doing.

I am not a sheep, not brainwashed, definitely not evil, and not clueless.

I do not affiliate myself with either political party, as I never agree with either side 100%. There are redeeming qualities on both sides and I will not be told who to listen to, or who to believe by anyone.

As a free-thinker, I will weigh all the information given to me and make an educated decision on whatever issue I am looking at. If I do not understand the issue, I will search out friends and family ‘from both sides of the fence’ to discuss the issue with until I feel that I am educated on it. I will not express an opinion unless I know what I am talking about.

As far as Mrs. Palin goes, I will not bash her or say anything bad about her. She is free to say whatever she wants to say to whoever she wants to say it to or about. I just don’t have to listen.

As far as my feelings for her go, I think she is physically attractive, Probably smarter than she seems and from what I hear, she did do some good things as Governor of Alaska. She is just one of those people that irks me. Did you ever meet someone and think, ‘something about this person just doesn’t sit right with me’? That’s where I am with her. I have never met her personally, maybe if I sat down and had a chat with her, I would feel differently.

I do have friends that are Republican and Democrat and we can have rational conversations concerning issues and whether we agree on the issue or not, we do not attack each other or try to force the other person to accept our opinion as fact.

My initial thought on the ‘Tea Party’ was that they were all rabid Republicans and that they were a volatile group resembling ‘@user’. I was wrong about that. I have met a few and they are just every day people who are fed up with our Government for many varied reasons. They just do not seem to pick very good representatives for their cause.

Any thoughts?


Future Editor Here??

So I have come across a possible opportunity for myself to become a ‘work from home-er’. I’m kind of intrigued by this.

I discovered a new author that is in need of some affordable, quality proofreading and editing services.

I was invited to read this new book, which is in a genre’ I like, so I downloaded it from Barnes & Noble and started reading. By chapter 8 I had to say something. Whoever proofread and edited the book, did not do the author, or the story justice.

The story is good, but the grammar and spelling mistakes make it look amateurish. The author was receptive to my thoughts and we have now started talking via email.

It got me thinking. I’ve always loved writing myself, as a child I used to write short stories and poetry in school and always got good grades on the assignments and rave reviews from whoever read them.

I never had much confidence to actually pursue a writing career, (or the time to indulge myself) but this current event, combined with the reviews of my writing here on this blog, and the current job market, have made me consider a possible start-up business for myself.

I figure, there have got to be a lot of start-up authors out there that could use a proofreader/editor, that wouldn’t cost much, since new authors are not established and making money yet. Right??

So there’s my idea. I am currently in talks to help this author for free at first and if the relationship develops, formulate a pricing plan for future projects.

Hey, it might even give me the confidence I lacked to write my own stuff and get published one day.


Happy Monday!



So last night I got an email from an old friend. She said she was talking to a mutual friend of ours who was a past romantic relationship of mine that I ended VERY badly due to my own stupidity, immaturity, depression and mostly the medication I was taking for the depression.

I am not making an excuse for my actions with the medication, but I now know that I was in a manic phase brought on by being on the wrong depression medication that led me all the way to where I am now in my life. Mentally and geographically.

I have felt horrible and guilty about the incident, almost 15 years ago. Wow, long time to carry that weight.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he wanted to know if it was alright to contact me and what was the best way to do so.

I thought all these years that he would never hear my name again without feeling ill, let alone wanting to contact me. Now, if he calls and says “F*^k you” or calls me names, I don’t blame him, but I do not remember him being that type of person.

I would love to apologize and explain exactly what happened all those years ago. Similar to a recovering addict in a program, I have had to make amends for things I’ve done to friends and family due to a lifetime of Major Recurring Depression with it’s ups and downs brought on by medications or the lack thereof.

I am nervous and a little scared about when and if he actually does call. I want to rid myself of this burden I’ve been carrying around for so long and release him of any burden that I may have caused him to carry.

Wish me luck




Ok so today started out to be a frustrating day. First my alarm clock radio was spewing some republican drivel about how the Arizona shootings were not political. WTF??? Do these people live in a bubble or is it because it was not a republican that was targeted???

Jared Loughner, according to those who knew him was very political, he was psycho, no doubt about that, but to say that it was a senseless act of violence is a severe misinterpretation. It made complete sense to him! Congresswoman Giffords pissed him off in 2007. He stated himself on MySpace that ‘he planned ahead’.

How in the world can this act be classified as anything other than an attempted assassination of a political figure? To not classify is as such leads me to believe that these people are either delusional themselves, or trying to deny that it even happened.

Tell that to the victims and their families, I’m sure they will agree with you, NOT!!

Then I am driving this morning, surrounded by people who obviously have no common sense on the road and do not care or know that they might be driving on black ice.

Get to your destination in one piece and don’t kill anyone in the process. This is common sense.

In the parking lot of a preschool, where there could at any second, be a child in front of your car, PAY ATTENTION AND DRIVE CAUTIOUSLY!! I feel that this shouldn’t even need to be said out loud. If you are a parent, you should know that children are unpredictable and could let go of their parent’s hand to run ahead.

Thank god that the careless minivan that sped around the icy parking lot hit another car and not a child. The same careless minivan was in front of me on the way to the school and failed to see a 4 ft snow pile that was half in the street and tried to run over it, tilting the van up 2 ft to one side, almost flipping it over. WHO THE HELL GAVE THIS MANIAC A LICENSE!!!

Now I am posting this from my phone because my computer is having issues. UGH!!

Ok, so they say things come in 3’s. I hope that this was my 3 negatives for the day and that 3 positives are going to follow.

Just getting all this out makes me feel better. Whew.