The Loughner’s

After reading the below articles on the mentally deranged Arizona shooter, here’s what I have to say. Whether you agree or disagree with me, these are my feelings, if you don’t like them, don’t read them.

First, I am a parent.

Second, I have had experience with mental illness.

If there were ever any warning signs that my child was mentally ill, I would have done something, anything to get him/her help. There are many different warning signs for many different mental illnesses, but the first and most important thing is a parent’s intuition.

If you are even a halfway decent parent, you know your children and what they are capable of. There are times that they do surprise you, but mostly you know when they are up to something and you should be able to recognize if they are a delusional potential killer. Right?!?

Unfortunately not in this case.

“Neighbors said the Loughner household became more isolated from them as Jared, an only child, grew older.”

“They all became very isolated. Randy was isolated, Amy wasn’t out anymore. Something changed. They just kept to themselves.”

“there were multiple signs of his descent into delusion over the past year, and no one did very much about it.”

These statements lead me to believe that either his parents were mentally ill as well, or that they were completely clueless to anything relevant about their son. Were his parents afraid of him? Was he abusive towards them? Either way it is a very tragic story.

“Pima Community College finally suspended him after five contacts with the police and conditioned his return on clearance from a mental health professional. Police delivered the letter of suspension to Loughner’s home and talked with him and his parents.”

Really? 5 contacts with police and no one could get this boy help or arrested?? Hello?!?

How did this kid get his hands on a gun legally?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?

If you suspect that an animal on the street is rabid and could bite and infect someone, don’t you call and get help?

Where were all these neighbors, school officials and the police who noticed these signs and are talking about it now? Maybe they should go apologize to the families of the victims for not speaking up when they noticed these signs in the first place.

Doesn’t anyone remember Columbine? Didn’t we all as a nation watch that horrific event on our TV’s and get educated on the signs to look for so that such a massacre did not happen again. Didn’t we all swear that if we ever saw anyone exhibiting similar symptoms, we would report it?

Obviously, his parents did not, would not or could not see these symptoms or respond to them. Maybe they were unable to because of their own illnesses or fears. Either the parents in this case are victims, or they are just as accountable for their son’s actions as he is.

No one ever wants to admit that there is something wrong with their child, but to ignore dangerous signs like the ones mentioned in numerous articles since the tragedy, you are not protecting or helping your child in any way. Or anyone else for that matter.

I guess until one or all of the Loughners start talking, we will all just speculate what really went on in that house. I’m sure its not the typical white picket fence story. Maybe we will never know.

The 6 people killed in this horrific event are:

John Kroll (63) – a Federal Court Judge

Gabe Zimmerman (30) – one of Congresswoman Giffords’ aides

Christina Taylor-Green (9) – an elementary school student and granddaughter of Major League Baseball executive Dallas Green who was born on 9/11/01 and featured in a the book Faces of Hope about babies born on that fateful day. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik told reporters that Christina Taylor-Green was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other five fatalities were pronounced at the scene.

Dorwin Stoddard (76) – a pastor at Mount Avenue Church of Christ. Stoddard’s wife Mavy was wounded in the leg, but is expected to recover.

Phyllis Scheck (79)

Dorthy Murray (76)

Keep these innocent lost individuals and their families in your thoughts and prayers and hope that they are in a better place. RIP




One thought on “The Loughner’s

  1. LuRain Penny says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I thought it was a sign they didn’t show up to the court room – my first thought was – they have abandoned him. Your insight makes me think they did that a long time ago. All around a very sad business. Folks need to be more aware in general & we are just too distracted all the time with the modern living. Only way to fix our problems is to start where they live – in the heart, in the home.
    Much love,

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