Ok so today started out to be a frustrating day. First my alarm clock radio was spewing some republican drivel about how the Arizona shootings were not political. WTF??? Do these people live in a bubble or is it because it was not a republican that was targeted???

Jared Loughner, according to those who knew him was very political, he was psycho, no doubt about that, but to say that it was a senseless act of violence is a severe misinterpretation. It made complete sense to him! Congresswoman Giffords pissed him off in 2007. He stated himself on MySpace that ‘he planned ahead’.

How in the world can this act be classified as anything other than an attempted assassination of a political figure? To not classify is as such leads me to believe that these people are either delusional themselves, or trying to deny that it even happened.

Tell that to the victims and their families, I’m sure they will agree with you, NOT!!

Then I am driving this morning, surrounded by people who obviously have no common sense on the road and do not care or know that they might be driving on black ice.

Get to your destination in one piece and don’t kill anyone in the process. This is common sense.

In the parking lot of a preschool, where there could at any second, be a child in front of your car, PAY ATTENTION AND DRIVE CAUTIOUSLY!! I feel that this shouldn’t even need to be said out loud. If you are a parent, you should know that children are unpredictable and could let go of their parent’s hand to run ahead.

Thank god that the careless minivan that sped around the icy parking lot hit another car and not a child. The same careless minivan was in front of me on the way to the school and failed to see a 4 ft snow pile that was half in the street and tried to run over it, tilting the van up 2 ft to one side, almost flipping it over. WHO THE HELL GAVE THIS MANIAC A LICENSE!!!

Now I am posting this from my phone because my computer is having issues. UGH!!

Ok, so they say things come in 3’s. I hope that this was my 3 negatives for the day and that 3 positives are going to follow.

Just getting all this out makes me feel better. Whew.




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