Future Editor Here??

So I have come across a possible opportunity for myself to become a ‘work from home-er’. I’m kind of intrigued by this.

I discovered a new author that is in need of some affordable, quality proofreading and editing services.

I was invited to read this new book, which is in a genre’ I like, so I downloaded it from Barnes & Noble and started reading. By chapter 8 I had to say something. Whoever proofread and edited the book, did not do the author, or the story justice.

The story is good, but the grammar and spelling mistakes make it look amateurish. The author was receptive to my thoughts and we have now started talking via email.

It got me thinking. I’ve always loved writing myself, as a child I used to write short stories and poetry in school and always got good grades on the assignments and rave reviews from whoever read them.

I never had much confidence to actually pursue a writing career, (or the time to indulge myself) but this current event, combined with the reviews of my writing here on this blog, and the current job market, have made me consider a possible start-up business for myself.

I figure, there have got to be a lot of start-up authors out there that could use a proofreader/editor, that wouldn’t cost much, since new authors are not established and making money yet. Right??

So there’s my idea. I am currently in talks to help this author for free at first and if the relationship develops, formulate a pricing plan for future projects.

Hey, it might even give me the confidence I lacked to write my own stuff and get published one day.


Happy Monday!



One thought on “Future Editor Here??

  1. In cleaning out my storage unit, I found a story I wrote as a teen. It was part of my great plan to become a writer at 15..lol..I am considering re-reading it (since 15 was a long time ago) and if it is any good, maybe adapting it for a short story or maybe a childrens book.

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