The end of the world

With all this chicken little ‘the sky is falling’ stuff people are spouting, I’m starting to think that the whole 2012 end of the world is going to be more like the end of the world as we know it.

I think the change has started already and people are starting to take notice. It took years of slow weather changes to accumulate to the point the of the severe weather we have now that we’ve finally noticed.

A little slow on the uptake us humans.

When I started getting environmental it was the 20th anniversary of Earth Day and no-one I knew had ever heard of it before..

WTF?? Really?? Are we that dense??

Anyway, I think we are going to have a rough time ahead of us as a species..I don’t think the damage we’ve done can be reversed, but I think we can, if we all pay attention, prevent it from getting that much worse..

We are all going to have to get back to nature, learn how to be the animals that we are..I’m not suggesting we all move to the woods and live in caves, lol, just be mindful of the every day choices we make and how they affect the planet and all of the other wonderful species that we are privileged to share it with.

Just a thought…


Awakening of Mom Part 2

Ok, so new news today on the Mom front. I go for my weekly visit to Moms, still high on the news of Tony the truckstop tigers court victory yesterday, and I walk into my Mom’s house, who usually watches the Kardashians or Jersey Shore, is watching the National Geographic channel on TV!! After that, we watched the Dog Whisperer and talked about how he wasn’t re-training the animals, but the owners who didn’t know how to relate to their pets.

So 2 months after our conversation, the woman with no memory, still held our conversation and stayed true to the principals that I tried to instill in her. I feel like I have ‘taught an old dog a new trick’ which is no easy feat.

Like I said before, my Mom doesn’t leave the house, so the message won’t go much further than her front door, but still, I feel like what I have been trying to do is starting to make some difference somewhere, somehow.


So…Tony is being set free…my Mom is becoming aware of the environment…

Did the world shift?? Is this real??

I hope so..I am on to my next mission, helping Save Lennox, a dog that was taken from a family in Belfast for ‘looking like a bitbull’  blog post to come, in the meantime, check out and please sign it.