Ok so tomorrow is my birthday and it seems I’ve gotten emergency supplies, taped up windows and a hurricane for my birthday.

Not that I’m big into gifts or anything, but I’m remembering this same time of year in 2005 when the Gulf states especially Louisiana were devastated by Katrina.

She hit Louisiana 2 days after my birthday and I can’t help thinking about that with Irene heading my way. I have been a big supporter of all things Gulf restoration ever since Katrina and even more so after BP’s disaster.

I watched in horror as the images of Katrina rolled across my tv and computer screen. I hope my friends in the Gulf don’t have to relive their memories through what Irene could do to us here on the east coast. PS-I’m in NJ.

I have followed all the hurricane preparation suggestions and have not been told to evacuate as of yet. I live 4-5 blocks from the ocean.

I have checked all the maps, storm surge, elevations, you name it and it looks like I am just west enough to be out of the storm surge flood area. Suspected surge is between 3 and 11 feet last I checked. We are 19 feet above sea level here and there is a 4.5 ft crawlspace under my place and like 5 steps up into my apartment, so I’m not terribly concerned about flooding.

The middle school is a block closer to the ocean and they are opening tomorrow morning as a storm shelter, so I’m taking that as a good sign that I’m far enough west and not in a flood zone.

I am however concerned about the winds. Will I have to go find my car after the storm? Will my windows blow in? My building is an older brick garden apartment style condo. I feel like one of the 3 little pigs, happy that I have bricks instead of wood or some cheap prefab, but I can’t help wondering how strong these bricks really are against a hurricane instead of just a little wolf huffin and puffin.

I just felt the need to get this off my chest. I’ve had a slight headache all day while I’ve  been preparing.

Wish us luck, and to all my fellow east coasters stay safe, don’t do anything stupid and prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Maybe Mother Nature will be kind to me for trying to save her all these years. 😉



Possum Living, and what I’m up to (via becoming a creature, going feral)

Have to check out that book. 🙂

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via becoming a creature, going feral