Ugh, where to start..

Ok, so I posted some of the bottled up stuff a while back. Never got it all out though and of course, there’s new stuff always being added so I’m in a never-ending bottled up’d state.

Since I last wrote, I went to CT for my fathers service.  I stayed at my uncles house since it was just me and my 5 yr old. It was really nice to see everyone again. Some I’ve not seen since we first met in like 2000. Wish it was for a better reason.

So I mourn the loss of someone who I never really got to know, but learned through his long time friends that he spoke of me to them often and had even shown them photos of me from my visit with him. They were very happy to finally meet me and told me that I had his eyes and that I seemed to have his knack for brightening a room just by being in it.

He was one of those people who no matter how he was feeling, he would not let anyone around him be unhappy. He was the jokester that would always cheer you up.

I have to admit they are right about me being that way. I could be miserable, but if someone I care about is down, I put my crap away and do what I have to do for them. I find that if I help someone else, I feel better too. I’m very motherly that way, I am a caregiver. If I’m not taking care of someone I’m just ‘there’.

So out of all this, I gained some more insight into why I am who I am. Thank you.

So on to family. I have to say that the Brisson clan are the most easy people to be around, for the most part, I mean every family has an annoying one or a dishonest one, and they are no different. But, even their bad eggs are easy to hang with (for short periods of time). lol. They all welcomed me from day one as if I had always been there. I love going up there, it just feels right. So thanks for being who you are, and making me feel like I was meant to be there.

Another great thing to come out of this is that I now have internet contact with my sister that I haven’t met. She did know about me, so our father did tell her like I had requested, but she, being an only child and not having to search for siblings like I had, didn’t know how to reach out to me and I couldn’t ever find her.

She took the opportunity to contact me through my post on our fathers obituary online and we have been getting to know each other via email and Facebook. It seems we have a lot in common as well. She is totally cool and open to getting to know each other more and having a sister.

We can’t wait to meet in person. It might be a while though, as she just started a new job and moved and I’m unemployed, so the $’s not there for a trip now. She lives a little far from me so I think when we do meet, it will be a ‘meet me half way’ deal.

Speaking of trips, I have my Grampa’s service coming up on Oct 1st, so I will be heading back up for that weekend and seeing my mothers side of the family.

Of course I will visit my uncle and whoever else is around that weekend. I have to rent a car again but this time I will probably be camping, unless my uncles got room for me again. I’ll have to check on that soon. October’s right around the corner. Geez, where’d the summer go? I am enjoying the weather though.

That’s all for now. Tired of typing on phone. I have to always correct my autocorrect so it takes 10 times longer due to the 437 proofreads I have to do before publishing. lol