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Hi all,

I just read an article today about a greedy CEO that is putting millions of lives and entire states in the US at risk for money. If you havent heard of hydraulic fracturing, read the article in this months Rolling Stone magazine. It’s a real eye opener. Here’s a link

This has become an all too common occurrence in today’s society. There are so many that just want to make more money for themselves without a care for how immoral they have to be to get it.

I am afraid that by the time, if ever, these individuals realise that there is more to life than money, the damage to the ecosystems and society will be too great to recover from.

It has been stated tome and time again, by many wise men and prophets from all different  times and beliefs that man will be his own undoing.

We are living on borrowed time here on Earth. The planet itself goes through changes that cause mass extinctions and then it regenerates into a new world. These are changes we have no control over. A meteor, a massive sun flare, or a super volcanic eruption are just a few things that could completely alter the Earth and make it inhospitable for most life forms here today.

So here we are, scrambling around wrecking the planet to amass our fortunes, clothes, jewels, homes, cars, and of course money. For what? Can’t we just work towards having enough to live on and have time to actually live without destroying anything?

Maybe even prepare for whatever we can. How many people have a disaster plan? When hurricane Irene came near where I live last summer, I spent days gathering supplies for the chance I would be without power, or windows for that matter. That was the first time I really thought, holy crap, if nature wants to get you, you’re gone.

Who says how much any mans time is worth? Who is worthy of this task? Granted, some jobs are more difficult and require more education than others, but I’m a little curious where you go to school to become a heartless greed machine.

Back in the day, tribes promoted their elders, the wisest and most experienced of the tribe to guide them in the best ways to survive as a whole. Todays societies are all ass backwards. We elect our government officials, but it’s not even our votes that get most of them elected, it’s the votes of their peers.

Most people can’t name more than 5 of their neighbors.

The sense of community has vanished from most towns and cities. Our family dynamics have changed drastically. Family is no longer the priority, the career is, the paycheck is, status and survival in a lopsided society is. Women are no longer the caretakers of the family, the family responsibility is split up because to make ends meet, we all have to work outside the home.

Having more doesn’t make you better, you are still just a person, just like the homeless guy down the street or the ‘mental patient’ that you won’t sit next to on the bus.

I have been discussing the environment, greed and societies with people and I’ve been finding that the ones that feel they don’t belong, and/or have been diagnosed with some sort of ‘mental issue’ are the ones who truly understand what is wrong with the world today.

I set ‘mental issues’ in quotes because I’m not sure some of the diagnosed ‘illnesses’ are actually illness. I have been depressed most of my life, but I believe it because I have so little control. I never have. I have never fit in and gave up trying a long time ago. I want to get out of this ‘rat race’ and live a simple life. Take care of my family, grow things, make things, maybe sell/barter some of the things I can do, make and grow.

I thought once about becoming a psychologist or some sort of counselor but I’m not the kind to sit with a pad and write notes, ask you what you are going to do about your problems, make a diagnosis and take your money. I’m more the type to listen, give advice and help you solve the problem, because it makes me feel good to help people. Not leave you guessing what I was writing about you and why you just paid me at the end of the session when you didn’t really get anything in return.

There are many things I know how to do. I need to find one or a couple that I really like and make a living at it. Not a career, not a fortune, but a living, LIVE being the operative word.

Right now, like many of us, I am unemployed, in a house that is too small for my family and  has an upside-down mortgage. Is it so much to ask that the people who helped me screw up my finances ie; the banks, could at least help me refinance to a better rate? (I don’t totally blame them, I had a feeling this mortgage was a bad deal when I signed the paper, but I had little choice at the time.)

I guess all i really want is a piece of land in a less populated area that I can build a low environmental impact house big enough for my family that will be structurally safe from most major disasters, with enough room to grow some food, have some animals and see some stars at night without all the light pollution.

It would be so nice to go outside and not hear industrial noise like cars, fire trucks and ambulances at all hours. (I live a few blocks from the hospital)

Is that really so much to ask for? It is how people used to live before the big industrial boom and cars came around. Bring back the barter system. There are communities around the world that rely on the barter system for most of the things that they cannot make or do themselves. ‘One mans trash is another mans treasure’. I’ll trade ya a haircut for an oil change..

The link below is to the World Barter Network. That’s what I’m talkin about, people helping eachother because they have something to offer and want to. Not to make money.

I have no use for human politics and religion. The Earth is what my religion and politics are based on. If it’s not good for the Earth, don’t do it, period, end of story.

See, my religion only has one commandment, live in harmony with the natural world.

My politics has only one law, do no harm. Pretty simple, right?

Click the photo for more info.

Ok, so who wants to come create my new country with me? 🙂




I feel haunted lately by fear and anxiety that the world is ending. Other times I’ve felt like this I did extreme things to try and save the world from impending doom. Of course, my anxiety and “distorted” thinking are symptoms of schizophrenia, which I’ve suffered from since 2008. I doubt however that “mental illness” is simply the result of a “chemical imbalance” or heredity. I have no family history of mental illness.

And despite my past fears, the world is still going on. But is life really continuing for human beings?

In the natural world, animals follow their instinct to survive, and do well without human interference. But in the human world, people follow… the crowd. But the crowd doesn’t represent people’s true feelings. It is an illusion.

The result is that we face the same battle today that we fought in the civil war –the fight for freedom…

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Who’s Mental and Who’s Missing the Point??

So in some conversations today, I have come to ask myself, who’s mental and who’s just missing the point?

I have, as I’ve mentioned before, suffered with depression on and off for most of my life. I have always had the feeling of not fitting in and being adopted, that feeling wasn’t totally without merit.

I never looked like my family or thought anything like them. I was not religious or political, and just wanted to be myself. This wasn’t allowed because we were always “keeping up appearances” which basically meant that my mothers family couldn’t know how tight we were financially because they had all done better than her.

Ok, so I grow up having no clue who I am supposed to be because I’ve been stifled my whole life. Come to age 25. I move across the country.

Holy shit?!? I don’t have to keep secrets anymore and I can be myself?!? Wow, people live like that?!?

I go apeshit. I am me all over the place. I tell anyone anything I want about myself whenever I want, and it feels good. I still don’t know who I am at this point, but I’m starting to have a clue. I know it feels good to be honest.

Skip ahead to age 30. An unfortunate series of events, which I may go into at a later date, I move back. No-one and nothing has changed except me. I now know why I was so depressed when I lived here.

The high strung-ness, the rushing to get nowhere special, the annoyed at all that’s different, the skeletons in the closet, etc. They were all still here, but I found them all foreign having not dealt with them for 5 years. Within a month, I was trying to find a place to escape to.

I couldn’t stand this place any more than I did when I left. I always had a feeling that this wasn’t the place I belonged and now that I knew myself better I was sure of it.

I was meant to be closer to nature. Not in the rat race, dying, trying to survive in a society that I had no use for.

Being adopted, I had an idea of where I belonged. As a child, I often told my mother that I wanted to live in a cabin in the woods like Grizzly Adams.

Northeastern Connecticut is where I was born and after visiting there for the first time in 1995, I knew that that was the type of place I needed.

Rolling hills, clean smelling air, farms, Native Americans, forests, minimal people, and the biological family that I had found made it all feel like home. I don’t know that the winters would be condusive to my Grizzly Adams cabin idea, but the rest fit.

Ok I’ve gotten away from the original topic of the post. Oopsie..

Back to the point. I believe that your genes and where you are geographically born help form who you are just as much, if not more than where and who you grow up with.

So as far as mental diagnosis is concerned, depression, yes. Maybe not because of brain chemicals like the Dr tells you, but what about living in a life not meant for you? I think thats enough to depress anyone.

I was supposed to grow up with sisters. I have 3. I have found them all. Finally at almost 44 years old my search is complete. Both my maternal and paternal biological families know me and/or how to contact me.

Maybe if i grew up with any of my sisters, who are all within 5 years of my age instead of a brother more than 10 years older than me, and parents older than all my school friends parents, I wouldn’t have needed a shrink at the age of 5. I was basically being raised in a time warp.

I believe the people with the most mental issues are the ones who ‘get it’. By that I mean, we are intelligent, we understand the need for nature in our daily lives, we know that material things do not bring long term happiness, lying hurts you more than who you lie to and that a hug from an honest person is better than winning the lottery.

Most of the famous ‘geniuses’ at art, science, poetry, etc, were considered batshit crazy. If you read any of thier quotes, you will see that they ‘got it’. Maybe the fact that no one else did is why they were labeled that way.

It seems that if you aren’t obsessed with making a fortune and having everything in excess, you aren’t trying hard enough. To what end? You can’t take it with you.

I have been amazed lately by statements made by people throughout history who knew things back then that people are just starting to become aware of now. Imagine a statement in say 1560 being relevant today and wondering why no one listened back then and that things aren’t different today.

Most of the honest, genuine people that I know are struggling now with something related to others taking advantage of them. This is not how it’s supposed to work.

So I ask you, who’s crazy now?


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