Green vs Greenwash

Green vs Greenwash.


Free Tony The Tiger

Advocate staff writer
May 05, 2012

A judge refused Thursday to order the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to remove Tony the 550-pound tiger from a Grosse Tete truck stop enclosure where he has been kept for more than a decade.

State District Judge Mike Caldwell cited the separation of powers between the judicial and executive branches of government, and also said the Animal Legal Defense Fund and several other individually named plaintiffs lacked legal standing to try to compel LDWF to take action against the truck stop.

ALDF attorney Erin Pelleteri argued during a hearing that Tiger Truck Stop’s state permit for the Siberian-Bengal tiger expired Dec. 31. She said Michael Sandlin, owner of the Iberville Parish truck stop, is “blatantly’’ violating Louisiana law and endangering the public, and should be prosecuted.

“There is no permit in place. Mr. Sandlin is in violation of…

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog

Bp Stroke

Gypsy Gina

by Gypsy Gina



I will take this as far as it could reach, if need be.

My husband had invested much of his life to commercial fishing, always investing our hard earnings back into our business to have a nice home, to send our children to better schools, and school functions is a must with my husband, and I. We owe our lives to the Gulf of Mexico with its plentiful oysters, shrimp, and crabs to live upon, and to sell to our community consumers. My husband served our country as a Marine for four years, but that was years ago.

I just want to let you know what a great husband and father he is, as well as a great person he his to our community, and state. He was on the water about to go fish for craps, but with so much stress that…

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My New Green Choice

So I finally have committed to trying to have a ‘green’ job. I have signed on as an independent associate of a green energy company that I’ve been keeping an eye on for the last couple of years. 

I first read about the company when they started supplying electricity in NJ, my home State. At that point I could not switch my electricity provider because my bill was past due. I promised myself that when I could get the bill under control, I would then make my switch.

I have since been watching this company grow and present some pretty competitive pricing for the generation of electricity and gas compared with what I have been paying for my brown energy. 

The new utility rates have just come out and with my current electricity provider I would be paying almost 11.95 cents per kilowatt hour! As of yesterday, I have applied to switch providers with my new company and locked in a fixed rate of 9.39 cents per kilowatt hour for the next 6 months. Based on last months usage, I would have saved about $18.00 and contributed 29.16% green energy into the grid. They also have a variable rate for those who choose to save over the year with the fluctuating energy prices.

There are other programs out there that have variable rates with no set time periods as well, but with the summer coming, I figured the price of electricity will rise, so I figured having a set price now was a good choice. 

I will feel good knowing that my 29.16% green energy addition to the grid is helping to AVOID 1,687 POUNDS OF CARBON EMISSIONS which is the equivalent of  THE CARBON SEQUESTERED BY NINETEEN 10-YEAR OLD TREE SEEDLINGS and THE EMISSIONS FROM 86 GALLONS OF GASOLINE CONSUMED.

I know that there are consumers out there that are currently paying utility supply prices AND on top of that paying another $5 to $10 or more to a green energy company that helps to support the renewable energy industry.  The good news is that the company I have chosen to switch my supply to also has a 100% green-e certified wind option for those who care more about green than savings. This allows you to pay ONE bill, instead of two, AND support the renewable energy infrastructure for less with a very competitive 100% green rate.

To me that’s more important than the money. 

So the bottom line is, I feel good knowing that I am contributing to the greenness of the grid with LOCALLY sourced solar, wind, hydro and other renewables (from PA, CT, NH and other States in the Northeast). Whether I make a career of this or not, I feel that this is a good choice to help curb some of the negative environmental impacts that are happening around us every day and sharing my knowledge with like minded individuals makes me sleep better at night 🙂



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