Packing is as done as is gonna get.

Whew. 2 days of packing for a 2 week camping trip.

Stomach feeling better today but chest is tight from stress.

My bedroom looks like we are moving. Lol.



The tents and camping gear aren’t even here, its all in storage. We organized that all last week.

So a quick trip to the organic food co-op and a trip to storage and we can lock, load and hit the road.

I managed to not lose it and hide under the covers again. Yay me!

Now I get to go to one of my favorite places on the planet, back to my birthplace, where I didn’t get to grow up. I soo love it there..

Maybe I will unwind from this tight ball of nerves that I’ve been lately.

Thanks to all that have been putting up with my drivel lately.



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