Humans unfortunately hold our own species above all others with no regard for other ecosystems or our effect on them.

Liberated Way

Beautiful as nature is it requires our respect and understanding.

A powerful farmers union in the UK have won the right to cull badgers due to an unscientifically bad idea that TB impacts cattle.  In Australia another shark death resulted in a call by the tourist lobby for the slaughter of protected Great White sharks.

Hidden consequences

The destruction of animals and plants due to them being considered dangerous to humans has an unseen impact on the ecosystem as a whole.  Every plant and animal has a significant role in the life of other species, if one fails others can fail.

Energy of life

All organic life has a purpose of living, growing and creating, each purpose that requires energy.  Every organic form has developed either attacking strategies to gain energy, or defensive strategies to conserve energy.  Lack of energy means life processes are restricted, or leads to death or…

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