Trying to get stuff done…

So while I was doing laundry and trying to get new items listed to Etsy, I hear a crash in the kitchen. At first I thought the cat knocked something over in my bedroom because she came running out of my room like a bullet that had been shot from a gun and hid under the dining room table.
So I walk through the kitchen to get to the bedroom, check for anything knocked over, come back out and notice this cabinet door a couple of inches open and when I opened it, this is what happened.

The 2 shelves had collapsed onto each other and fell to the bottom. As I opened the door, things started falling out and I was just hoping that no glass was broken.



Forward 3 hours. I emptied the cabinet, threw out the expired things I found, which were less than I expected, drilled some holes to put in 2 inch support screws on the one side of the cabinet and re-placed the shelves on the plastic brackets on the other side. Then I returned to adding the new items to my Etsy store and folded some laundry.

I think my kitchen is trying to tell me something. It wants a makeover I think. lol

Tada! Much better huh?

Now to entertain my bored daughter.




One thought on “Trying to get stuff done…

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Good effort.

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