Moment Matters

Every four years, this country is afflicted with temporary madness.
by Elizabeth Lee of elizabethly

I am tired of hearing about politics, tired of 75% of my Facebook news feedbeing comprised of those viral photo+text propaganda images that get spread around like wildfire, as though that’s why I get on Facebook every day.  (Hint: it’s not.  I’ll take your baby and dog pictures any day over that nonsense.)  I cannot wait for this election to be over and done.

Tax returns!  Birth certificate!  Health care!  Dog on the roof of his car!  Socialist!  Elitist!  Muslim!


Much of this stuff comes from otherwise intelligent people, who in every other facet of life seem capable of having opinions that weren’t prefabricated by their favorite sensationalist news source.

Let’s face it, folks – we the people are not in possession of all the facts.  What’s more, for many of the accusations I’ve come across…

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Quiet Mystic (previously Tarot Salve)

Knight of Chalices reversed--Yoga TarotFour of Chalices reversed--Yoga TarotSeven of Pentacles reversed--Yoga TarotThree cards in the form of a story today, from the Yoga Tarot: Something is troubling our hearts, and we stop to take time to focus on it, getting off our horses and pausing in our forward movement on our paths (reversed Knight of Chalices). Because of that time (though it was time appropriately spent), we have missed an opportunity, or perhaps just didn’t recognize or care about that opportunity when it arose (reversed Four of Chalices). It happens. All choices, even good ones, come at a cost. But, it happens that the cost this time is financial as well as being an opportunity cost (reversed Seven of Pentacles) — we realized it eventually, too late to do anything about this missed opportunity, but never too late to learn from the experience. Oh well.

Whatever is going on, this day is a rainbow–it’s affecting us in all of our chakras…

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Hi all. Just droppin a note to rid myself of some negative energy that is draggin me down today..I thought I had been a little better managing my money this month. I was wrong. I’ve been on unemployment for over a year now and have been managing OK. This month, however, my ex hasn’t paid his child support yet and it has made me more broke than usual.

I converted my career from a hairdresser to a bookkeeper years ago because I needed to make more $ to survive. Now, I have been a bookkeeper for years, but the problem is no one has any money to manage so I can’t seem to find a job.

I have a ton of stuff to do at home to keep busy, but none of it is making me any money…I have almost gotten my house livable, just a few more things to do, I need to get my Mom’s apartment packed up and moved into storage, and I have to make more jewelry to promote my Etsy store.

I almost feel like Ralph Cramden right now, with all these ideas that never pan out. I invested in becoming a rep for a green energy company and never followed through because I had too much other ‘stuff’ to do. Now I have registered my jewelry business and posted some creations, but haven’t had time to promote it and make more stuff. I have tons of supplies and a gift card for a craft store to use but I’ve been so busy, I can’t seem to get to it.

October is going to be a crazy busy month too. My daughter has birthday parties to go to, my niece is getting married and my son and girlfriends’ baby shower are all in October and are all going to cost me $ that I can’t seem to find.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed today and sort of failurish. I will just ‘keep swimming’ and see what happens I guess.

If anyone knows where I can make $20 an hour 20-25 hours a week, hit me up..



One armed paper hanger

So I’ve been busy the last two weeks trying to rearrange and declutter my house.

I haven’t been to the indoor yard sale at my friends gym since the first time I went. I think I have too much stuff and will probably donate instead.

I know I’m a pack rat but I really can’t believe how much stuff I actually have. Definitely time to thin the herd.

I got a loft bed for my daughter so that I could get the ‘daycare center’ look out of my living room and actually be able to have guests.

It’s such a process. My room was linked to the living room, my living room was linked to my sons room and my dining room is linked to storage and my moms apartment.

The living room is looking pretty good. All we need is a new tv stand and to bring the coffee table over from storage.

For the dining room I have to take the China closet and table to storage and bring in my moms table and chairs from her place. My dining room set is antique and has been taking a beating. I want to put it away so I can restore it before it gets un-restorable.

The bedroom I was actually  working on today. I went through my closet. OMG. I got it pretty organized but I  still have to go through the sweaters and sweatshirts that are on the top shelf. I’m thinking most of them will be leaving. We still have to thin out my daughters toys so they all fit neatly in their space and I have to find homes for the clothes that I wear on a regular basis. I feel like a bag lady, they are all in bags on top of my daughters blanket chest.

I want to get back to making jewelry for my Etsy store, but I can’t take time for that until I am done with the house. I can’t wait to be done, then I have to pack up my moms apartment and get that into storage before the weather gets too nasty. Eesh..


LuRain Penny's Better World

A short time ago,  Twitter friend Julia Brown & I were given the most amazing gift.

Our mutual Tweet pal, Dr. Michael Ozaki chose to sponsor a kitty in our names at the most wonderful place.

His generosity is a testament to the kindness between virtual friends.

It introduced us to Momo, the blind kitty whose story touched our hearts.

And to the Home For Life Sanctuary®, where pets live out their lives in love & peace.

A little about Momo; he was discovered by children in Okinawa, Japan. Since he was
blind, he was taken to the local shelter where he was days away from being put to sleep.
He was rescued but no home was found for him. His health problems, which included
seizures, made it difficult for the foster parents to keep him. Fortunately, Home For Life
in Minnesota, USA was contacted & the rescue group flew him over on their…

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beyond depression

As I’m sure many of you are aware, today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Like all too many, I have both lost someone to suicide and nearly been it’s victim myself. If not for the intervention of a good friend who made sure that I got the help that I needed so that I didn’t die that night.

I won’t take a lot of time to belabour the point, however I want to say that suicide happens not because people wish to runaway from their lives or because they’re cowards, but rather it happens when the pain becomes completely and totally unbearable. It is the most horrific experience that anyone can have to feel that utterly lost and hopeless.

You can support World Suicide Prevention Day by clicking on the following links:

Facebook Event Page

International Association for Suicide Prevention Home Page

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