The birds are back!

The sun is out and the birds have returned. Cold outside, still no power, but the coolers are still cold and the stove works. Camping indoors 🙂




Quick blip on Sandy


The sun is trying to peek out. We made it. The storm was intense to say the least. We are ok. More later. Gonna take pics of the debris and damage in my complex as soon as I have my coffee. THV

Calm before the storm

So not too much goin on. It has started raining a bit. Kind of a misty Seattle type rain with chilly winds.

All my stressing earlier led me to a little nap on the couch. Now I’m on Facebook checking out all the pics of the flooding and damage that’s already starting in southern NJ.

Still not exactly sure where landfall will be. Hope it’s not worst case scenario for us.


Good morning Sandy

So far only voluntary evacuations for my city. 2 towns north of me are very prone to flooding and have mandatory evacuations. Haven’t heard where the storm shelter will be yet. During Irene, it was at the middle school, closer to the ocean than me. Hoping they do the same for this. It will make me feel better. Thinking of evacuating my car to higher ground. The local racetrack has opened thier parking lot for the storm. Will have to decide that pretty soon. I am super tempted to drive to the beach. From the weather channel showing Asbury Park and Point Pleasant beaches, the water is starting to pick up. Would probably get some cool shots..maybe if I relocate my car ill drive by.. Photo from my living room window over the next building.