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I saw this on Facebook today and thought of all the people I’ve ‘met’ on the internet over the years. You have all contributed something to my life, knowledge, a virtual pat on the back, whatever it may have been, thanks.. 🙂 THV

Every big tree was once a little nut that stood its ground 🙂

Quiet Mystic (previously Tarot Salve)

Pulling from the Yoga Tarot today (it’s been a while!), I drew two reversed cards: the reversed Ace of Cups, which in this deck is full of blooming lotuses, and the reversed Emperor, standing in warrior 2 pose with a plant growing out of his hand. But reversed, these plants (both the lotuses and the plant in the Emperor’s hand) appear to be growing downward. If you view the lotuses on the Ace of Chalices card as cups, you can see that our feelings are pouring out of us today — leaving us feeling somewhat drained. Plus, the energy today feels shaky to me. Everyone seems tired and off balance. These cards point to a solution.Ace of Chalices reversed--Yoga Tarot

The Emperor reversed--Yoga TarotYesterday, we were air. A few days ago, we were rocks. Today, my advice is, be a tree, or any other plant that suits you. Be a plant and grow the tendrils of your…

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Post Traumatic Sandy Disorder

Ok so I feel the need to write. So much has happened to people and places I know and love when this Sandy Bitch hit NJ.

I have been given a Sandy recovery project. It is right up my alley. It’s drying out and scanning my mother in laws photos that were flooded out when the storm hit. I am very happy to be helping to restore and preserve these family photos and the history associated with them.

Last night I came across a photo album from the 1920’s. I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to save those photos because of thier age, but to my surprise, they held up better than some of the new photos. Some are a little dark and metallic looking, but you can still make out the photo. Being saturated with salt water since October 29th I’m surprised the paper didn’t biodegrade already. Salt water is so corrosive.

It has been an emotional project to say the least. I am sifting through years of family memories and while I am glad to be saving them, I can’t imagine how the people who lost all of thier family photos and mementos must feel. You cannot put a price on this stuff. It is irreplaceable. It’s priceless.

I have been feeling guilty that I’ve been unable to do much to help my friends and family. Mostly because I either can’t get to them or I know I can’t handle what I will see. Watching all the destruction online and on TV since I got power back has broken something in me.

Talking to a friend after she spent the day emptying her flooded apartment to the curb was painful. She has lost everything. It was a rental, so she had no insurance and now she is homeless as well. I was on the verge of tears the whole call and yet needed to be a strong shoulder for her. That was all I could do for her.

My mother in law has had to rent a place while her foundation is inspected, her electrical system, furnace, hot water heater, and washer and dryer all need to be replaced. Her new car has been totalled. She has lived there for 50 years and can’t go home for probably months. At least she will eventually be able to go home.

My other friend got what he could out of his place and can’t go back to get the rest because the building is still surrounded by washed up boats. His roof is severely damaged and his landlord wouldn’t even put a tarp over it to protect the rest of his belongings.

It is still creepy quiet outside still. As I mentioned before, the birds are back, which is good, but I live about 2 blocks from the train station but have yet to hear a train, the whistle or the hum that comes from the station since the storm.

There aren’t as many people around my town, many living somewhere else due to damaged homes that they cannot return to either because they are unlivable or awaiting safety inspections.

Everyone I talk to has a different look in thier eyes, like a light went out. Everyone is sad in some way. Either for thier own losses or people and places they cared about.

NJ has changed. Everyone says ‘we will rebuild it.’ And ‘it will be better than before’. But it will still be different. It’s like covering a bad tattoo with a new one. It looks good to others, but you know what is underneath, what used to be there.

Sandy has left a huge scar on the Jersey Shore that no ‘tattoo’ can cover.

I will venture out eventually to see the redecorating Sandy has done, but it will be in small doses. I do not need to land myself in bed with depressive episode.

For the record, I had a small drip in my living room from the storm due to a leaky air conditioner sleeve in the condo upstairs. I did not lose anything in the storm, except maybe my peace of mind..

That’s all for now. Tomorrow is the last day of drying and then I can resume scanning. I need rest. Fall allergies are hitting and giving me headaches. My sinuses are wrecked.