Hope for next year..

Well Mom is still sick and all of the plans made for a fun week with her have been shot in the ass and replaced with medicine, laundry and a grumpy sore Mom.


I feel so bad that I can’t magically make her feel better. I did call the Dr and was suggested a cough medicine and some other things to make her more comfortable but alas, nothing is a magic cure.

She can’t even meet her new great granddaughter for fear of getting her sick.

With my Lyme disease I am trying very hard to fight off whatever bug she has, I’m trying mind over matter and cold meds in advance, but I’m not terribly optimistic on that front, as I can feel the congestion building in my chest.

Here’s to hoping that 2013 comes in a little better than 2012 is ending.
If things could just start to mend as the clock starts over at 00:00 on January 1, 2013 I resolve to try to be more optimistic for the rest of the year.

That’s my only resolution. I don’t usually make them and never follow through with them when I do but this year I will as it can only help my family and myself for me to be in a better mental frame.

Lyme sucks and Depression sucks and they have taken enough. I’m putting my foot down and not letting them win anymore..Fuck you both. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Happy new year to everyone..
Be safe and enjoy yourselves!



Bye 2012

I will be glad to be rid of 2012.

As any year goes there were ups and downs.

The ups were really good and the downs were really bad this year.

Some of the high points were, chronologically, continuing to be unemployed, spending 2 weeks in the woods being completely myself in my ginormous new tent, reorganizing my house, my little brainiac starting 1st grade in the gifted and talented program and meeting end of year goals by the end of the first marking period, my neices wedding, beginning freelance copy editing for a writer I met online, becoming a grandma and actually pulling off some christmas fun for my little one.

Some of the lows were, chronologically, continuing to be completely broke, starting and failing at 2 self employment options, hurricane sandy, dealing with chronic lyme and depression, and the loss of a good friend. Also wondering if I will lose my unemployment benefits or if they will pass some sort of resolution to this fiscal cliff thing..

My mom is visiting for a week as of yesterday and has a cold. I’m hoping she will feel well enough for a surprise that my cousin and I have planned for her on Sunday.


Happy holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy (insert holiday) !!

The insanity is beginning. I have friends coming over in a bit, possibly going out to dinner tonight.

Tomorrow baking cookies and have to find time to shop before Monday evening. I HAVE DONE 0 SHOPPING!!

Monday dinner in Beach Haven on LBI yay! My mother in law is back in her house after Sandy forced her out.

Tuesday breakfast casserole, presents and football at home..

I hope you all enjoy whatever you celebrate and whoever you celebrate it with.

Love ya!