So I was talking with my 6 year old daughter last night and forgetting how we got there, I mentioned that I always wanted to write a book and that I had actually started one in my teens.

Being the little bookworm that she is, she asked if it was a kid friendly story and if she could help me by reading it and giving me her opinion and input.

I thought that was the cutest thing ever. My family never supported me doing things I liked when I was a kid, from learning music to writing, to being an actress. I always got the, “you’ll never finish it, so why bother.”

I guess I didn’t. I still have the story though, all 7 pages on paper that I typed, yeah, with a typewriter. I know, I’m old. Lol

I told my daughter I will get it into MS Word and she can let me know what she thinks. Maybe she can be my co-author and illustrator??

I guess we shall see.


Mary Chapin Carpenter – Passionate Kisses

So I often ask myself many of the questions in this song. I am now job hunting and I am asking myself many other questions as well. What do I want to be when I grow up is one of them, even though I am an adult.

I had to quit what I wanted to do for a career years ago (hairdressing) because it didn’t pay the bills. I have become a bookkeeper over the years, learning through doing, employers sending me to classes to improve my knowledge and so forth, but I really want to be creative.

I want to be an environmentalist, a writer, I want my online jewelry store to make a decent income. I want to live a simple family oriented life without too much societal interference. Maybe I am trying too much at once, but in all the time I’ve been unemployed, I was trying to start something that I believed could actually make me happy, make a little money and possibly develop into something sustainable.

I actually have my LinkedIn Profile looking ok now. Maybe I’ll find a sweet editing job for an environmental group.. 🙂