Mary Chapin Carpenter – Passionate Kisses

So I often ask myself many of the questions in this song. I am now job hunting and I am asking myself many other questions as well. What do I want to be when I grow up is one of them, even though I am an adult.

I had to quit what I wanted to do for a career years ago (hairdressing) because it didn’t pay the bills. I have become a bookkeeper over the years, learning through doing, employers sending me to classes to improve my knowledge and so forth, but I really want to be creative.

I want to be an environmentalist, a writer, I want my online jewelry store to make a decent income. I want to live a simple family oriented life without too much societal interference. Maybe I am trying too much at once, but in all the time I’ve been unemployed, I was trying to start something that I believed could actually make me happy, make a little money and possibly develop into something sustainable.

I actually have my LinkedIn Profile looking ok now. Maybe I’ll find a sweet editing job for an environmental group.. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Mary Chapin Carpenter – Passionate Kisses

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Keep putting your name out there, something will bite.

  2. Wishing you luck in finding what it is you ‘Want’ ever thought that the universe is giving you your desires?. as you keep on ‘Wanting’ 😉 lol, tongue in cheek comment! here only .. LOL… and instead creating a vision board to what is is you need or require in your life.. believe me it works.. 🙂 and oh yes… by the way…. 🙂 Im glad you Never Grew Up…

    I wish you every success with your on line jewellery store, and here’s to the Simple Life.. that pays the bills… Im all for that one my friend..

    I cut down my work hours and then panicked … but life has a strange way of working out once we accept Less for more quality time.. 🙂

    Hugs Sue

  3. I do have the perfect job. Mom..LOL . But it doesn’t pay the bills. All kidding aside, you are right, I am manifesting that I am a freelance editor dammit, there, I said it. Now someone hire me 😛

  4. lurainpenny says:

    Follow your dream, dearheart. Let us know the linkedin page – aza got a page there too – she’ll do what she can to help.
    Much Luck & Love,

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