Workin sort of

Well I started a temp bookkeeper assignment this week, did some freelance online work for my friends business and finished editing my 3rd short story. My daughter was on spring break and started karate as well. Needless to say it’s been a busy week.

It’s a little strange getting out there again after almost 2 years. The people are cool though and the boss seems to really like me. He even said he’ll refer me to friends that may need a bookkeeper. 

I hope I can manage to work the hours I want so that I don’t have to put my daughter in after school care and get paid enough.

Seems I’m on the right track so far.

Keep on truckin right?



Mama Drama

When my 27 year old was in school I pretty much stayed to myself and didn’t try to befriend any of the other parents because I was self conscious that they were all older than me.

So now I’m in my 40s and I have a 6 year old in 1st grade.

Seems that most of the parents now are within a few years of my age. Some are mid 30s, some are in their 40s.

Here comes my mistake..ready..

I become friends with one..

She’s a couple years younger than me but we get along great and it just so happens that our kids are best friends.

Here comes the issue..

Without going into details, to protect the innocent, because of a few issues at school, she has ended our friendship and demanded that the teacher keep our kids separated at all times in school.

We all know that kids need to learn to deal with kid drama on their own. We cannot fight all their battles for them or they will not know how to manage relationships when they grow up.

This Mama calls me to tattle on my kid every time her kid tells her something happened at school.

When mine tells me that something happened, I usually advise her to stick up for herself and if that doesn’t work to tell the teacher.

I do not call the other mom and tell on the kid. Of course if it were something serious I would have a conference with the teacher and other parent.

At this point I am done. My daughter is upset because she doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed to be friends with her best bud and I am mad at myself for letting this mom get away with hurting my kid.

My feelings don’t matter here, mostly because I don’t trust anyone anyway and I figured eventually we would part ways. She has waay too much personal drama in her life for me. I am no longer that ‘Let me fix you’ person anymore. I am anti drama..

Of you want to coddle your kid and make him an emotionally dependent baby forever, go ahead.

My daughter will be an independent, free thinking, well adjusted, anti-drama, take no shit woman by the time she hits middle school.

Rant over


Chocolate bunnies, not real ones!!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Next weekend we celebrate Easter! For those of you who are not Christian, it’s a holiday that celebrates Christ’s resurrection.

Some of the traditions associated with the celebration of this holiday include sunrise church services, the hunting of colorful eggs, and children receiving gifts from the Easter Bunny (kinda like Santa but with a smaller budget).

And sometimes children receive baby bunnies as gifts on Easter.

If you plan to give a bunny to a child this Easter, here are some things to consider.

Rabbits can live up to ten years, and require as much care as a dog or cat. If you aren’t willing to provide that care, a bunny isn’t right for you.

Rabbits don’t typically get along well with children, especially young children. Poking at rabbits or trying to cuddle them may be rewarded with a bite.

Bunnies who are not spayed or neutered will mark their territory with…

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It’s been a year since Earth Hour 2012 and I really hope that whatever it was that you did for Earth Hour last year has made a meaningful difference to the Earth and to your Ecocred.

My view on Earth Hour hasn’t changed in the last year, click here for my 2012 post on the subject.

There have been quite a few similar blog and news articles with similar thoughts on the Earth Hour debate. This is positive and I guess points to the fact that people are beginning to understand that we should be making sustainable and longterm Earth Saving commitments and not commitments that comprise primarily of greenwash, feel good, short term actions. So …. if you do decide to do something for Earth Hour try and commit to making your Earth Hour action something long term sustainable and not greenwash! That in my opinion would be the…

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