Top 10 reasons to join the March Against Monsanto tomorrow! (Saturday, May 25, 2013) By Mike Adams


Payday :-)

I haven’t been online much since I started working.

Trying to organize an office that’s been running on a skeleton crew and no bookkeeper for a while now.

The accountant that is workin on cleaning up the books for the past 2 years calls it forensic accounting. Lol

Needless to say I’ve been busy.

Two weeks in and I’ve already made some headway. And I got paid today so it’s all good.

My OCD is coming in handy right now over there and it will be paying the bills.

I have an editing project that I am currently working on and more on the way so I’m even busy when I get home.

I have been neglecting my etsy shop but I hope to set a few hours a weekend aide to make new pieces.

Does anyone recommend a good free site that I can set up posts in advance for Twitter, linkedin, pinterest and Facebook? That way I can set up a post a day from my etsy shop to keep people lookin.

On that’s all for now. Gotta spend some time with the fam. They are starting to forget what I look like. Lol


I’m around

Just checkin in to let ya all know I’m around.

I’m just adjusting to full time work again and trying to organize my home time.

Trying to find a balance so that I can get everything I need to do done. Editing is getting busy now and I need to make more jewelry for my etsy shop.

Wish me luck


Fingers crossed

So I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I had a job interview today.

I am hopeful that I will get the job. The woman who interviewed me was sweet and we got along great. Talked for over an hour. She loved my resume and that I have very versatile skills.

Even though it’s a bookkeeper position there may be times that I need to do other things.

For some reason, which I have also observed in the past, bookkeepers tend to be crabby, leave me alone with my numbers types who get annoyed if they even have to answer the phone.

I never understood that. I like to do more than one thing in an office, it breaks up the monotony of bookkeeping and makes the day go faster.

I could get an answer as early as tomorrow wether I’m hired and if I am I will start on Monday. EEP!

So full time office bookkeeper and all my freelance home stuff, imma be one busy bee..