Mama Drama 4

Well the drama came to a head and I have decided to take the high road and ignore this nut case.
Another text message of threats and lies came in and after talking to the guidance counselor I have decided to ignore her and only report to him if she mentions my daughter directly.
She had called my daughter a bully this last time and threatened to call a meeting with the entire school board.
So the next day, after I reported the threat to the guidance counselor, I see her talking outside the school with him. 
He calls me an hour later in reply to my earlier report and says that she never mentioned anything about our kids or a meeting, she was just chatting about other stuff.
He is checking with the kids every day to make sure they are ok and that this drama isn’t leaking into their school life.
So instead of pulling her in for a meeting and stirring the pot off shit that she’s brewing, I am ignoring her, she’s just trying to get a rise out of me and I’m not giving it to her.
Suck on that you loon!


Mama Drama 3


Mama Drama 3

Ok this shit is getting even more ridiculous. My daughter invited some, not all, of the kids in her class to her birthday party. 1st kids party she’s had in 2 years and it’s going to be almost 2 months after her actual birthday. She was limited to 15 invites and 3 of them aren’t even in her class.

The drama mama’s kid wasn’t invited and she has now threatened to sabotage the party by inviting kids to do something with her and her son on the same day.

Actual quote via text;
‘Nice job hurting a child, ‘insert child name here’ mom called me and they will be going to the museum and dinner maybe we will invite other classmates the same day s the party, good luck with attendance’

My very civil reply;
‘Wasn’t intentional. There were limited invites. He wasn’t the only one not invited.’

She had since called one other parent that I know of and had probably called more.

I have notified the school, again, and am hoping that they can do something to put an end to this madness. My next option is to file a civil complaint for harassment.

Mama Drama 2


Where’s a Good Rapture When You Need One?

Mayor Booker has done an amazing job in Newark and I hope he can make a difference in the Senate as well.


It’s almost time for New Jersey’s big fat state election, coming this Wednesday October 16th!

Yes, I know…a major United States Senate election… on a Wednesday… in October is unheard of. It’s never been done before but can now be proudly counted as another New Jersey first!…to go along with the pork roll sandwich, Snookie and fuhgettaboutit. It was our very own governor’s idea and is costing the state only about 12 and a half million dollars to hold 20 days before…now what was that called? Oh yeah…ELECTION DAY!

Some say our governor shouldn’t be held accountable for recklessly making such a fiscally irresponsible decision because he was most likely in a diabetic haze when he made it , while many Democrats believe he did it just so he wouldn’t have to face popular Newark mayor Corey Booker on the same ballot in November (Even though they aren’t even running…

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Mama Drama 2

So I am very frustrated lately. My daughter is having trouble again in school with the same kid that she had issues with last year. See my old post Mama Drama if you aren’t familiar with the story.

Well, it seems that this kid, is annoying my daughter on purpose so that when she retaliates in any way, dirty looks snotty remark, etc, he runs home and tells his mother, who in turn texts me to tattle on her.

I am so fed up. It is getting to her and she’s starting to do strange things and when I ask her why she is doing them, it all goes back to something related to this.

I now have the guidance counselor at her school involved and have told the ‘drama mama’ to leave us alone and if her kid has an issue with mine, he is to go to the teacher.

She has a week without this drama because they are on vacation this week, so I told her to enjoy the peace and quiet and if it starts again upon their return, tell the teacher EVERY time he does ANYTHING to you.

Bottom line is this, If no one is getting hurt, stay out of the kids business. They need to learn how to build and maintain relationships on their own. Micro-managing their relationships only stunts their emotional growth and prevents them from having healthy relationships in the future.

(This is a VERY tame explanation of what is going on in my head. I am furious and frustrated, but I decided to try to get out my feelings without raving like a lunatic.)