Disgruntled Me

I am getting more and more fed up with civilisation now that the holidays are coming.

People are getting ridiculous, I mean how do you justify hurting someone else just to get a deal that ultimately fills the pockets of a machine that cares nothing for you or anyone else.

‘Hey hunny. I got you this tv, I trampled someone to get to it, but tis the season to give, right?’

Who thinks this is ok? If you are starving to death and trying to get to the only food source, maybe, but for holiday gifts?

Christmas is a Christian created holiday to celebrate the birth of their diety. How the Hell did it morph into this worldwide greed frenzy?

Every faith has the same message to their winter holidays, celebrate your loved ones, your faith and others.

Even Santa Clause, Good ole Saint Nik. Always was a sign of the love and magic in the season. The gifts were made, not bought and you got them by doing good things throughout the year, naughty or nice and all that.

People gave thought into what you were to them as a person and MADE a gift to represent how they felt about you.

I have too much stuff. How about I give stuff away that I have and don’t use to people who need it instead of buying them useless trinkets made in China.

Working on the holidays is another peeve. The holidays are meant to be a time spent with family, not leaving them to feed the corporate machine.

I could go on for hours but I need to stop before it ruins my whole day. I just know that I am not meant for this rat race.

I should have been born before Europe ‘discovered’ North America. Make what you need, barter for what you can’t, and work together to be a happy community. Is that really so hard? We pay too high a price for all of our ‘advances’.

This greed machine will not stop devouring our humanity until we become just like it.