Ok I need to write this down because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately, my house is too small, I don’t make enough $, I need to drop a few pounds, etc.

My other half is always telling me to try to see where we are now from where we’ve come and be glad that I’ve made such progress.

I have a hard time seeing through the depressive fog to see that things are actually better than they were. I still have so far to go.

Yesterday while I was being pissy because instead of going to Pride in Asbury, I was home cleaning, I got a sharp reminder of how good my life is compared to others.

Without going into too much detail, I have a friend that is being treated poorly by her adult child that she lives with. I am grateful that I know that my kids would never treat me badly or make me live in unhealthy conditions.

I know another person that is in the same situation my parents were in when me and my ex lived with them. If this person was anything like my parents were, or I am now, the ‘kids wouldn’t be desperately trying to get the hell out of there. I am grateful that I am not the one they are trying to escape from.

So the bottom line is this; my house may be barely big enough for us, but my heart makes it 10 times bigger. I have taken in friends in need without a thought to how crowded it would be. If I had half the house this other person has, my door would always be open to family in need and I would feel lucky to have the extra time with them.

I need to remind myself more often how lucky I am.