Yay Me!!

So I had 2 interviews with the same company last week, and a meeting today to affirm that I in fact will be working there. I will be starting next Monday on a part-time to start, then transitioning to full-time, in about a months time.

I am excited and a little nervous, as this job will be a departure from my most recent work history. I am actually going to be using mostly self taught skills and moving into a totally different career path than bookkeeping. I must say that I am so glad that I am trying something new now as my last few bookkeeper jobs have been through the recession and I am tired of a) forensic accounting, and b) trying to manage money that doesn’t exist..

If I never see another QuickBooks screen, it will be too soon..

Wish me luck!




One thought on “Yay Me!!

  1. Awesome!!! I am sooo hapy for you!!!

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