Roller coaster week

So this week started out on a high note, with the job offer and ended on a somewhat sour one.
Week started with ‘I got the job’, then went to, had a biopsy on a funny lookin cyst,
stressed until results of biopsy came back good, tried to do some research for upcoming job on Monday, got a migraine, once pain from biopsy left, my sinus infection flared back up, I’ve been a melancholy lump for days now, and today I found out my car needs a pretty major repair.

I need to raid my closet tomorrow and make sure I have clothes for the job and go shopping for what I need.

I wish I liked shopping, maybe it would make me feel better. I’m dreading it though, and am now nervous about starting work Monday.


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4 thoughts on “Roller coaster week

  1. It’s gonna be a good day on Monday 🙂

  2. Kalpanaa says:

    That sounds like an intense week. Good luck with the shopping and the job.

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