About Me

Bicoastal american environmental warrior, blogger, freelance copy editor, bookkeeper, adoptee and major recurring depressive since childhood with a side of Lyme Disease.

I want to save the planet and all of its creatures from domestication. I believe that we are all animals and humans are denying that fact and separating and controlling everything out of a deep feeling of superiority and greed.

I hope someday to say that I helped make the planet healthier and the human race more in tune with the only home we’ve got.

My header photo is of Mt Shuksan, a glaciated peak in the North Cascades National Park of Washington State that I used to visit often when I lived in the Seattle area.

I first saw a photo of it when i was very young. It was actually the picture of a Milton Bradley puzzle I did with my Mom on our kitchen table and I always wanted to go there.


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. LuRain Penny says:

    Don’t forget to add a subscription link to the page so folks can get your updates! xxx

    • Took me a bit, but I found the subscription link. This is gonna take a little getting used to. Computer geekette having trouble getting into the swing of this..lol..thanks..luv

      • LuRain Penny says:

        You do me great honor giving me any credit at all for your effort. I truly appreciate it. How could one ever be disappointed with someone who is sharing honestly & opening themselves up to the public view? You have my sincere support & faith!

  2. Rebecca Apone says:

    Loving your enthusiasm, you tree hugger you! Proactivly involved. Together let us increase the percentage of people who understand we need green. You’ll be hearing more about my urban maze making. . . gardens.

  3. enlustered says:

    I read this yesterday and liked it, and regretted not letting you know. I feel also that we are all animals. But I don’t feel it’s greed at the root of the problem of us destroying our planet. I think that unlike with other animals, nature is missing human beings’ sincere contribution. Spiders (which I’ve always really liked) make webs and help keep the bug pop. in check. Beavers build dams. Human beings, well, they just do whatever they think they have to do to make money (survive–I did) and appear acceptable, for the most part. I don’t think a lot of us do what we dream. It seems a “duh!” point, because it’s in the movie The Neverending Story (and The Wizard of Oz) and people say how important it is all the time, but it seems people never take action. Things seem to be getting worse when I look at old newspaper clippings or read old comments of politicians, for example, which seem more sincere, and down to earth.

  4. ecocred says:

    love your very informative blog and the angle you take on current environmental issues! very refreshing!
    also love that you reblogged my post! your my first reblog ever! thanks!!

  5. Big thanks for your decision to follow my somewhat random thoughts on Learning from Dogs. Great connection!

  6. cyril says:

    Hello you have a great writing here..Enjoy

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